“I need a divorce” was the first sentence he uttered after coming back from work. How mellifluously he had summarized their four year relationship in those four hateful words, Cathy thought.
“So is this your final decision?” she asked.
“Yes, I can’t live with you anymore” he snapped.
She gave him a dry look and said in a low tone “I know, you’ve said this before” she paused “but never before our marriage.”
“Yes because before that you weren’t so possessive, you weren’t so fussy, you weren’t so finicky and neither were you so foolish as you are now” he declared loudly.
She lost her temper “ I’ve always been the same John. There was a time when you loved me for all those traits which you so bitterly pointed out. Besides, you don’t need to find faults in me to cover up your ongoing affair with Jessica.” She said gruffly.
He was stunned “How-how do you know about that?”
“Well at least this proves that I’m not foolish. Anyway, you’ve asked for a divorce today, but I’ve signed the papers already. Here-“ throws them at his face “I’ve always endeavoured to make you happy John and this one is my last.” She turned around and walked out of his life forever.

It had been five years. Cathy was sitting on the lavish sofa of her new flat…lost in the memories of the past, when she and John were together. She didn’t want them, but they came rushing back to her. It is not easy to forget your first love after all.
Suddenly, two tiny, soft arms hung around her neck. It was the five year old Danny. She took him in her arms. “Oh, how much he resembles John” she thought.
“Mumma, when am I going to meet my Daddy?” asked Danny with hopes in his eyes.
“When your Daddy will come to know that he has a son.” replied Cathy.

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