I am going away from my home town to a new city for my PG studies and now I am realizing how much I am going to miss my home and my city where I have spent twenty years of my life.

I am going to be exposed to a brave new world where:
I won’t find my parents to provide me the shelter of their cocoon of love and extraordinary support,
I won’t find my dearest friends to kick start my day with their jokes and funny repartees,
I won’t find my naughty dog to jump up with jubilation when I return home……

They won’t be there whenever I would want to feel their arms around me, they won’t be there to make me smile just after having a glimpse of my sad countenance , they won’t be there to wish me on 11th of August (ya, right guess, My birthday), they won’t be there to…..ah the list is endless.
I know they will always be there, but not in person which matters a lot. Right?

It was my choice to pursue my further studies outside my city, and I qualified in my cherished institute so now why am I feeling so blue?

I am pacing forward to follow my dream leaving a wealth of memories behind me….

So my dear Friends I don’t know when I’ll be back in this fascinating and interesting world of blogging as I am also leaving behind my PC at home…..
I am sorry I won’t be visiting you all after this for some time but will be back as soon as I am settled in that new city.

Till then, all the very best for all of yours upcoming posts….stay healthy and please don’t forget me..


My best friend Manjari has a predilection for emotional stories and keeps e-mailing them to me. She sent a tragic love story and I found it highly conventional especially the ending. So I decided to add some masala (if they call it so) to it. Here I will write the summary of that story and then the twist which I added which might be amusing to some and some may call it a nonsense. Anyway I'll proceed and take the risk.

This is a story about a girl named Rangana who is going to marry Abir, a Software Engineer settled in Chicaco. Rangana is not happy because she has not been able to forget her best buddy and first love- Jeet, who suddenly dissapeared from her life. Then her parents found Abir who was a perfect catch. But on the night of Abir and Rangana's wedding, Jeet shows up and meets Rangana, who is alone in her room, all set for the ceremony. When asked about the reason for his absence, he replies that he has Brain Tumor and that he didn't want to ruin her life by marrying her but, he couldn't stop himself from seeing her for the last time. Years of anger vanishes away from Rangana's heart and she cries her heart out. Now Jeet leaves as Rangana is called to tie the knots with Abir. And the story ends.

I wonder what's new in it…….??

Well, now here is the ending which I thought would give the tragic tale, a twist.

Jeet shows up and gives this reason for his absence-

Jeet: Hi Rangana. How are you??

Rangana: How do u expect me to be?

Jeet: listen you dont know-

Rang: What?
Jeet: that-
Rang: What? be quick you moron

Jeet: of course.if you let me complete.

Rang: Fine.shoot
Jeet: Rangana (hands her a medical report) these are yours..

Rang: What the hell is this? (opens it, reads it and faints)

(Jeet splashes water on her face.she opens her make up laden eyes)

Jeet: Yes Rangana its true. YOU have Brain Tumor n I know about it coz ur doctor handed it to me after your check up.I concealed the fact coz I wanted you to be as cheerful as ever.I dissapeared just to find out a permanent treatment for your ailment.I couldn't find one.But now that you are going to marry...I couldn't have kept it a secret.

Rang: O Jeet u really love me so??

Jeet: No honey.Its because I love ABIR .And I am happy n Gay about your death.

I twisted it just for fun and I know there isn’t any logic or reason in it.

I was taking an evening stroll on the road and enjoying the cool breeze which was playing with my hair, kissing my cheeks, and enveloping me in its arms. I stretched my arms……ah so blissful…. I said “I wish I could fly”(as I guess all of us must have said at least once)
Suddenly, I saw a bird seller passing by. He had several cages with him but one of the cages caught my eye. Inside it were two beautiful, tiny black birds. They were sitting close and seemed as if talking to each other.

Here is what I thought they were chattering about. But first let me name them…mmmm…yes,Chicky and Dimpy.

Chicky: Dimpy, remember those days when we used to fly high up to that blue,
endless sky?
Dimpy: Talk about yourself Chicky. I don’t even know how it is like to fly… I
was caged here when my wings had not fully developed.
Chicky: Oh! You know, I always wanted to touch that azure up there but I
guess..... that dream would remain a dream...
Dimpy: And You Know my mum used to tell me that she would take me for flying lessons once I grow up and then I would be able to stretch my wings and travel throughout the world and fetch my favourite food from across the continents.
See now my wings have fully grown up and swing up and down but I don’t
know how it feels to stretch them and experience the fresh air and rain and
moisture and warmth of the sun around them and I guess….. I’ll never know.
Chicky: Dimpy, I always wish to break this cage and join my friends and go race
with them again. I’ve tried too but this cage is very strong. My beak
starts hurting.
Dimpy: I also feel like breaking free and fly for the the first time and go see my mum.

Chicky: Dimpy, when nature had this in plan for us then why did it gift us with
these beautiful wings?
Dimpy: Nature never had this in plan for us Chicky , but Man Had.

The bird seller had entered the next lane. I had a faint vision of Chicky and Dimpy now.

I thought, I was wishing to fly when I can’t and those who can were just wishing…..