I am going away from my home town to a new city for my PG studies and now I am realizing how much I am going to miss my home and my city where I have spent twenty years of my life.

I am going to be exposed to a brave new world where:
I won’t find my parents to provide me the shelter of their cocoon of love and extraordinary support,
I won’t find my dearest friends to kick start my day with their jokes and funny repartees,
I won’t find my naughty dog to jump up with jubilation when I return home……

They won’t be there whenever I would want to feel their arms around me, they won’t be there to make me smile just after having a glimpse of my sad countenance , they won’t be there to wish me on 11th of August (ya, right guess, My birthday), they won’t be there to…..ah the list is endless.
I know they will always be there, but not in person which matters a lot. Right?

It was my choice to pursue my further studies outside my city, and I qualified in my cherished institute so now why am I feeling so blue?

I am pacing forward to follow my dream leaving a wealth of memories behind me….

So my dear Friends I don’t know when I’ll be back in this fascinating and interesting world of blogging as I am also leaving behind my PC at home…..
I am sorry I won’t be visiting you all after this for some time but will be back as soon as I am settled in that new city.

Till then, all the very best for all of yours upcoming posts….stay healthy and please don’t forget me..


30 dew drops on the rose:

Cabin-boy Dave said...

Ahh... I'll really miss your beautiful and thoughtful posts, Abhilasha :(

All the best for PG!

I don't think anyone who's stumbled upon your blog can forget you...

Sandy said...

I can assure you that you will make many new friends where you are going. Experiencing something new need not always be bad.

All the best for your upcoming adventure. I'm going to miss your posts and comments. :)

KParthasarathi said...

You will be missed till you find come back.Change is good and is for progress.As you embark on your PG studies,here is wishing you all the best.Cheers

Priya Joyce said...

awwwwwwwwwww.....I juss hope u settle down in the new city soon..we'll be waiting to hear from u..tc God Bless :)

AmitL said...

Hi,Abhilasha-hey,congrats on getting into the PG institute of your choice(where is it,btw??:))...I know the first few days will be a bit tough to adjust to,but,you'll surely adjust and come out with flying colours..good luck!!:)
PS:I'm also sure you'll be posting here, in a few days of joining your institute.hehe!

Blue Moon said...

Dearest Friend Abhi,

Life is a JOURNEY. While travelling thru it, many a time we land on such DESTINATIONS, which become closest to our heart,& we don’t want to leave such destinations, but the FACT is that if U are here in this world, U’ve to move ahead & reach your ultimate destinations.

No matter how hard we try ATTACHMENTS become CHAINS for us & they hold us from marching ahead, but in my opinion those who remain attached with loved ones & at the same time carry the JOURNEY OF LIFE, are CHAMPIONS OF LIVING LIFE.

I’m 100000% sure, YOU are one of those CHAMPIONS & I know that U will reach your goal & bring happiness for all those who know U.

My Choicest Wishes Are Always There For You………!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...


You will be missed Dear...You made me lost in time with your post..:)

I'm sure you will get all such good bunch of friends in new phase too..But,missing home and Dear ones is inevitable...

Few days you may find it tough to settle down ...Just be cool and enjoy your new life..!

All The VEry Best Dear.:)

Take Care..


Arv said...

Hi Abhilasha,

It would be an interesting phase in your life :)

Wish you the very best and we hope to see you back here soon...

take care mate...


Avin said...

Butterflies come out of the cocoon to pursue its dreams making all the things around it beautiful.
You are just about to do the same. Wish you all goodness as you step in to a new world.
Good luck girl.

Jinxed Pixie said...

the first thing that caught my attention :

the word DOG. You have one?
I love all dogs, i'll have you know... :)

and will definitely definitely not forget you!

be back soon though... :(

Rhapsody B. said...

Yes you are leaving many things behind yet you are taking many with you. Thus begins life paradox. Many successes in your new ventures, may your strength and will carry you through when moments of challenges knock at your door. May your confidence always come with every breath your take and may you learn and apply all the lessons life brings your way through this journey.

Stay blessed and peace be with you.

Jack said...


Baby bird has to fly the nest for growth. And the nest is always there whenever you want it. Keep fond memories and it touch. Many Many Happy Returns of the Day in advance. Will try to wish you again if you let me sent e-greetings at your id.

Take care

neha said...
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parzi said...

hiieee dear...
firstly congratulations...for ur admission in d college u wanted..thats wonderful..i'm so happy for u...n trust me i can very well understand how difficult is to step out from the house n going away from your people...but then sometimes we have to n u r just going out 2 make your dear ones all the more proud...so don't be sad..n a sweetheart like u will make some amazing friends their as well..so no worries..what makes me sad..is that wont be seeing you here n honestly i will really miss you...though its not been long since i've known you...but ur presence here make me feel really nice...so will miss ya...plzzz come back soon...waiting for you..
n yes wish u a veryyyyyyyy happy birthday in advance...may god bless u with the best of life..my prayers n wishes r there with you...
all the very best for a new chapter of ur life...just go for it...n that to with a smile..okie..
keep smiling
take good care of urself there...
n come back n update us soon!
god bless u..

Think Tank said...

arey o dramebaz ..i'm comin with u n oyr day will start same as usual ...phone call ke saath

Tickled pink said...

@ Aneev: Thanks budddy

@ Sandy: That's so sweet of u. thanks

@ KParthasarthy: Thank you

@ Priya: I hope so too.thanks

@ Amit: I'll mention that soon.and thanks for believing that.

@ Manjari: thanks for those golden words.

@ Vyshu: yes Vyshu I'll do that.thanks dear.

@ Arv: Thank you mate.I hope so too.

Tickled pink said...

@ Avin: Wow Avin very inspiring and beautiful lines. Thanks buddy.

@ Pixie: Yes I have a Dog. Pure desi one. His name is TINGU....don't laugh....I put wierd names.

@ Rhapsody: Thanks a ton for the wishes. I'll cherish them.

@ Jack: Very sweet lines. Thanks for wishing me. Sir your good wishes are more than a card to me. I'm hoping to come back here before 11th so will give you then.

@Parul aka Parzi: Parul you are a swweeeetttt heart too. Thanks for such a touching comment. I'll miss you too and everybody out here. But I know I'll be back soon. Thank you for wishing me. A big hug to you dear.

@ Farah: That is something that's cheering me up. But phone tum hi karna. main bohot kar chuki.

Tickled pink said...

@ Everybody:

Friends your words have really cheered me up and have filled me with hope and confidence.I'll start my journey tomorrow with all these good wishes.
Thanks for being there.
See you all soon.......
take good care....
All the best.....


joiedevivre said...

all the very bst dear...take it as a big chance to see real world..

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hai Abhilasha..

All the very best for your new phase of life; I can feel your words as i have been going throgh that phase of staying away frm home for past 9 years..:)

Its really tough some times to get through; Untill u have frnds around u, u feel very happy and once they disapper or if any prblm comes, then the real pain starts..its all part of it;

I wish u to face every moment with love .. and the rest will happen just for you.

Be balanced..
Hope to see many more posts from u.. All the best ...


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Abhilasha:)

It is very sad to note that you are leaving the comfort your home and the ever present love and care of your family and friends.

But change is inevitable and now a stage has come to face life on your own. You will have to make new friends, take your own decisions, manage your affairs and so on. In other words, you are going to become independent and stand on your own legs. This has to happen sometime or the other. You parents will not be there always with you to lean upon.

Actually it is more difficult for your parents to let you go and live on your own. I am sure they are more upset about this.

Surely I will miss you but as you said it is only temporary. We can always keep in touch where ever you go. There should be no problem.

My advance birthday wishes to you. May God bless you and grant you all success and happiness.

I take this opportunity to wish you all the very best and hope to hear from you as early as possible.

Your friend:)

Salute said...

Best wishes on your new journey.

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hai Abhilasha,

WIsh u a happy friendship day..:)

Americanising Desi said...

my first time here and i am happy to congratulate you on your new venture into the institute :)

all the best!

Resurgence said...

This is my first visit to ur blog... and my comment would make me look like a 'Preachy Oldman'... but Gal... believe me... and by now u may have realized that the new world is not that bad... I can say this with surety because I have been in same place quite some years back... When U'll be leaving that new city, u'll find tat it will be difficult to leave that place... the place would be an integral part of your life... :)

workhard said...

Hey.. thats gonna be a whole new experience thats gonna make u strong...

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Anupama Bahadur said...

we are missing your posts.must have collected various exps during these yrs.come back & share them with us.waiting 4 u.

चला बिहारी ब्लॉगर बनने said...

बहुत सुन्दर पोस्ट बेटा! मैं भी बहुत भटका हूँ... लेकिन हमेशा एक बात गाँठ बांधकर रखी:
लोग यूं ही हैं झिझकते सोचते
जबकि उनको छोडना पडता है घर,
किन्तु घर का छोडना अक्सर उन्हें
बूँद लौं कुछ और ही देता है कर!!
बात घर का छोडना नहीं.. जड़ों से जुड़े रहना है!!
ऑल द बेस्ट!!! जा तेरे स्वप्न बड़े हों!!

Tickled pink said...

Thank you Dadaji for visiting my blog and leaving such inspiring lines. I am thrilled to have you here and get your blessings.

Anonymous said...

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