I was taking an evening stroll on the road and enjoying the cool breeze which was playing with my hair, kissing my cheeks, and enveloping me in its arms. I stretched my arms……ah so blissful…. I said “I wish I could fly”(as I guess all of us must have said at least once)
Suddenly, I saw a bird seller passing by. He had several cages with him but one of the cages caught my eye. Inside it were two beautiful, tiny black birds. They were sitting close and seemed as if talking to each other.

Here is what I thought they were chattering about. But first let me name them…mmmm…yes,Chicky and Dimpy.

Chicky: Dimpy, remember those days when we used to fly high up to that blue,
endless sky?
Dimpy: Talk about yourself Chicky. I don’t even know how it is like to fly… I
was caged here when my wings had not fully developed.
Chicky: Oh! You know, I always wanted to touch that azure up there but I
guess..... that dream would remain a dream...
Dimpy: And You Know my mum used to tell me that she would take me for flying lessons once I grow up and then I would be able to stretch my wings and travel throughout the world and fetch my favourite food from across the continents.
See now my wings have fully grown up and swing up and down but I don’t
know how it feels to stretch them and experience the fresh air and rain and
moisture and warmth of the sun around them and I guess….. I’ll never know.
Chicky: Dimpy, I always wish to break this cage and join my friends and go race
with them again. I’ve tried too but this cage is very strong. My beak
starts hurting.
Dimpy: I also feel like breaking free and fly for the the first time and go see my mum.

Chicky: Dimpy, when nature had this in plan for us then why did it gift us with
these beautiful wings?
Dimpy: Nature never had this in plan for us Chicky , but Man Had.

The bird seller had entered the next lane. I had a faint vision of Chicky and Dimpy now.

I thought, I was wishing to fly when I can’t and those who can were just wishing…..

25 dew drops on the rose:

Think Tank said...

seriously yaar . these birdsellers realy put me off

Cabin-boy Dave said...

That's a very sweet post, Abhilasha. I especially like the last line -

"Nature never had this in plan for us Chicky, but Man had."

You don't have to be a bird to be caged. Circumstances, and your own life, can do that to you...

Tickled pink said...

@ Aneev
Yes that's very true

Arv said...

one reason why I dont raise any creature as a pet :)

take care... cheers...

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Abhilasha:)


This brief post contains so many mind blowing insights.

First you painted a lovely picture of your stroll emphasizing the freedom and happiness you enjoyed.

Then you narrated the heart wrenching story of the birds in the cage.

And then you emphasized the cruelty of man.

You ended with a thought provoking statement with amazing jugglery of words.

Man is the master of everything under the sun. He is not strong as an elephant nor fast as a horse, nor poisonous as a snake, nor ferocious as a lion, nor magnificent as a peacock but he is clever, cunning and capable of subjugating everything he wants to satisfy his desires. Therefore, he has caged the birds to sell them and earn a lively hood and feed his family. The poor birds are the innocent victims. They should be free and flying and hunting for food in their natural habitat. But as the saying goes it is the survival of the fittest.

While you are feeling sorry for the birds( and of course, I also feel sorry for them) who is going to feel sorry for the man and his family if they starve.

I agree that you are trying to drive the point that man can earn a living without this kind of cruel business. He can work and earn a decent living by using his God given talent in other fields of activity. But then it is more easy for the man to trap the , harmless birds and sell them. No sweat, no hard labor. Who is to be blamed? All the people who buy the birds and keep them in their houses as pets. If these people don’t buy the birds, this business will not survive and the people engaged in this activity will look for some other ways of earning their lively hood.

The next point which I was impressed with was your clever play of words but I can see there is a lot of meaning in it. Many of us who have the wish to achieve great things are not endowed with the talent and those who are abounding in talent don’t have the facilities or opportunities to achieve their aim.

My hearty congratulations to you for this wonderful and meaningful post.

Incidentally, the photo you are referring to in my post was taken in a shop in Fort Kochi.

Have a wonderful day Abhilasha:)

Femin Susan said...

Those are absolutely fascinating. Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing...

Blue Moon said...

Wow Abhi!

Now that’s what I call a SPLENDID post. Each & every word is PERFECTLY CHOSEN & that’s why the entire post is radiating………

Your feelings about the little creatures is marvelous & I am touched, Dear………….

Keep publishing such WONDERFUL posts…………


AmitL said...

Hi,Abhilasha..that was nicely written.Reminded me of the Shiv Khera book title'Freedom is not free', and who better to acknowledge this than caged birds.
Tell me,how did you score in English,in essays?I'm sure this one would have been rated 8 or 9/10.:)Have a nice day.(I'm an avid fan of English,as you might have guessed)

Arnab Majumdar said...

That was a very sad and sweet way of writing things. First time on the blog, and I loved this one :) I'll keep tuned in... cheers

Tickled pink said...
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Jinxed Pixie said...

"I thought, I was wishing to fly when I can’t and those who can were just wishing….."

great post!
made me think..a lot about...stuff..:)

Tickled pink said...

@ Arv: welcome

@Joseph sir: thanx for a wonderful analysis an for sharing your thoughts with me. you actually read my mind here.

@Susan and Manjari: Thanx sweety

@ amitL: wow what a cool compliment.If I get 9 or 8 here then you get a perfect 10 for your post out there.

@ Arnab: Thank you and a hearty welcome.

Anonymous said...

ah, birds.

i had a parrot when i was eight, a green one with a ring on its neck. it wouldn't speak so we let it go in three days.

then we got chicks, little yellow babies with fur for feathers. they used to run all over the lawn, looking for earthworms. one morning a cat ate them. :(

Creativity!! said...

Woww!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic Post Dear :) Specially that last line is Excellent :) "Nature never had this in plan for us Chicky, but Man had."
Keep Blogging :) You are an Excellent Blogger :)

Tickled pink said...

@Pixie: Thanks sweeto

@Creativity: Thanks a lot for appreciating and welcome.

parzi said...

abhilasha...thats such a wonderful write up...very thoughtful and touching...and sadly very true..don't know when will man stop interfering with nature...the way u brought out and vocalized the feelings of those birds was commendable...very meaningful post dear...loved it...
keep writing...n i will keep reading

Rhapsody B. said...

Interesting entry, love the look of your blog. Take care and stay blessed.

Priya Joyce said...

ahhhh...tat's one f the saddest realities..

u've brot tat up very nicely..it kind of brot tears in my eyes ahhh!!

Anonymous said...

The image speaks for itself.
Very well written :)
I'll keep reading you, for I love to do it.

KParthasarathi said...

Lovely and imaginative post.Thanks for visiting my blog.Keep visitng

Jack said...

Sorry for visiting so late. Read available posts. One on friends is so true. Dreams do have some connection with happenings around us. Normally dreams are of our thoughts in sub-concious mind while drifting off to sleep which we may not even recall. I too feel that we should not make birds prisoners.

Take care

PS : Posted one yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Ohh So nice of u Dear for this post .:)

Thoughtful and true..!

**I was wishing to fly when I can’t and those who can were just wishing…..

You cud really depict the irony Man had created..hmmm

I promised again ,not to cage birds in my life....Thanks for this wonderful lesson ..:)


ScarletTd1ar1es said...

touchy. and true. its interesting how 'man' can bind everything including himself.

workhard said...

I am totally against caging of any species... especially birds.. true.. how rarely we empathize ...

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Saurav Sinha said...

This post speaks of the calm which is inside you, perhaps.