Friends- Love them or hate them but you can’t live without them. They are the first rain after scorching heat, the thick blanket in piercing cold, the flower in a desert, the blissful morning after a dark night, and….mmmm..aa..yes.. the plaster on a broken bone.
But we hate to bestow them with such metaphors when we face their merciless birthday bumps, their furiously beaming faces when they eagerly wait for us to cut the cake so that they wantonly massage it on our face without even caring for our sensitive sense organs, and their grinning faces when they succeed in pulling our legs at formal places. Gosh.. they take the cake in mischief department.
But we want to shower them with such metaphors when they lend their shoulders to us to cry on, when they jump with joy in our happiness, when they hold our hand while crossing the busy road, when they strive to make us smile in blues, and when they assure us that they are always there…

These are the ingredients that make a delicious dish called friendship. We take bites after bites and feel how different each morsel tastes. Different people have different habits but it is when they come into close proximity with us that we realize how similar they are, yet so unique in their own way.
The problem arises when we expect to see a reflection of ourselves in them but when we accept them as what they are we find that they are better than our expectations and then starts the jovial journey of friendship.

So go ahead and take a joy ride with your friends.

5 dew drops on the rose:

simran said...

su baat che, means kya baat hai!!!!!!! Stupendous work.I loved it as usual.

Think Tank said...

Mmmm... Kuchh din i shall get addicted to your blog too ...lekin ek point... you can't hate 'friends'

Anonymous said...

emotional atyachar!!! nazi

Priya Joyce said...

this is one wonderful post....and I cud so so relate to every word of it ..


Avin said...

Thats a lovely post anyone can relate to. Thanks for leaving your impression in my blog.Those comments were really encouraging making my blogging all the more worthwhile.

I am yet to go through all your posts. Soon shall i look into it and hey bring on your comments.They are so good :)

Keep blogging